Live Hands-on Workshop on Vitrification of Oocytes and Embryos by Dr. Masashige Kuwayama, 27th of September in Moscow, Russia, Moscow

Participation is FREE of CHARGE.

Workshop Date & Venue:

Workshop Scientific Program. Friday, 27th of September, 2013

  1. Lecture "Cryotech Vitrification" - Dr. Masashige Kuwayama (1 hour)
  2. 2. Animation Protocol (30 min)
  3. 3. Live Demonstration of Oocytes & Embryo Vitrification (1 hour)
  4. 4. Coffee Break
  5. 5. Hands on Training ( 4 hours)
  6. 6. Closing Ceremony (30 min)




Cryotech Support - is an Inernational Cryotech Support Centre for innovative vitrification technology developed and invented by Professor Masashige Kuwayama (Japan). The survival rate of oocytes and embryos after Cryotech thawing is 100%.

Cryotech Support Centre teaches embryologists from all countries how to use Cryotech vitrification. Our trainers attract the attention of trainees to all tiny peculiarities of Cryotech vitrification protocol to ensure 100% survival rate.

We train embryologists for Cryotech vitrification technology FREE OF CHARGE. The duration of training is one day, including lecture and practical training.


Our Mission

The mission of our centre is:


Application of Cryotech

Our innovative Cryotech vitrification technology is successfully used for cryopreservation of:


Hands-on Practical Training

Cryotech Support invites all embryologists and administration from IVF clinics worldwide to come for Hands-on Practical Training at our Cryotech Support Centre to learn and get practice of vitrification eggs and embryos by technology developed by Prof. Masashige Kuwayama from Japan.

After Cryotech Support training you will get:

Requests for Training

Please send requests for training, by email, to


Cryotech Support Centre provides apartments for trainees for 2 nights free of charge. (Please send apartment reservation requests 2 weeks in advance.)

Additional staying can be obtained for 280 Euros per night.


Training for Cryotech vitrification technology is FREE OF CHARGE.



Cryotech Support Centre is located in Moscow (Russia) on the base of cryobank of donor eggs of IVF Clinic Altravita:
4A Nagornaya St.
Moscow 117186

Phone: +7(903)790-9018
Fax: +7(499)123-9007